Tonight, Tonight: Owen Obel at Absinthe Lounge and Ryan Thomas Becker at The Belmont Hotel

Tonight, we start out the week a wee bit on the slow side. Don't worry, though: Thinks get sufficiently hectic once again tomorrow night. And, hey, there are still a couple of cool local shows tonight.

Owen Obel at Absinthe Lounge
Although sometimes referred to as a folk singer, Owen Obel's influences include such legendary acts as David Bowie, Brian Eno and Talking Heads. Such diversity was reflected on Obel's lone album, 2008's In a Neon Dawn. Songs like "Story Never Told" and "Almost Perfect" could easily be described as arty alt-country. Either way, Obel's a talented songwriter working an interesting angle. Let's hope he gets back in the studio and defies easy classification once again with a sophomore effort.

Ryan Thomas Becker at The Belmont Hotel
Whether it's with RTB2 or his more recent Hares on the Mountain project, Ryan Thomas Becker always seems busier than the busiest bee. Maybe it's just the guy's emotive way at singing and playing, but Becker always appears to be somewhere close to wit's end. All of this adds up to Becker being one of the most intense and frequently booked singer-songwriters in town. Catching him at the dandy confines of the Belmont Hotel only adds to the allure of this evening's performance. Hopefully, like he did at this year's 35 Conferette, Becker will cover "The Train," a song from another local act, New Science Projects (see above). The song suits the guy's passionate vibe like a glove.

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