Tonight, Tonight: Ozzy at the AAC, Authority Zero at Trees, Danny Balis at Lola's and NOFX at House of Blues

Pretty busy Thursday evening we have here, highlighted by the Price of Darkness himself, and a pair of punk rock quadruple-bills.

Ozzy Osbourne and Slash at The American Airlines Center
Say what you want about Ozzy, but the guy can still muster up some serious metal hubris. And God knows how long the 63-year-old will continue to tour. So this may be one of the final times to catch the Ozzman in our area. Besides, "Crazy Train" and "Bark At the Moon" never get old, do they? Former Guns 'N Roses guitarist Slash opens up what should be a hell of a fun evening.

Authority Zero, Flatfoot 56, Lionize and The Broadsiders at Trees
For those whose tastes run toward the younger set of punk and metal, tonight's nice quadruple-bill at Trees should do the trick. Arizona's Authority Zero has been around since 1994, but the band's sound (and name) hearkens back to '80s punk stalwarts Bad Religion. Nothing wrong with that, as Authority Zero play punk with backbone and bite. Chicago's Flatfoot 56 could easily headline this bill, as the band plays Celtic punk along the lines of Flogging Molly. Led by brothers Tobin Bawinkel, Justin Bawinkel and Kyle Bawinkel, Flatfoot 56 prove that bagpipes have their place in the brawl of classic punk.

Danny Balis, Doug Burr and Glen Farris at Lola's in Fort Worth
These three terrifically talented tunesmiths have played together several times, but catching them in Cowtown would seem to be the perfect place to take in said greatness. Balis needs to get off his ass and start working on his sophomore effort -- perhaps hearing the fine songs of Burr and Farris will spur him on. That, or he might just pull out the flask from his car for an after-hours drink or two.

NOFX, The Bouncing Souls, Cobra Skulls and Old Man Markley at the House of Blues
Another terrific quadruple-bill of punk-related music. California's NOFX comes around here often enough to almost be declared locals. But the other three bands on tonight's bill are less familiar. The Bouncing Souls are a lighthearted punk band out of New Jersey who seem to have been around forever, while Reno's Cobra Skulls is a relatively new outfit. Starting things off, though, is Old Man Markley, a terrific eight-piece country, bluegrass and punk band from Los Angeles. Led by Johnny Carey, Old Man Markley may well be the best band on tonight's bill. Seriously.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.