Tonight, Tonight: Ralph White at Dan's and Mechanical People at Poor David's

Just a couple of interesting musical options this Monday evening as the music conferences have been all packed up and put away until next year.

Ralph White, Jeffrey Barnes and Brent Best at Dan's Silverleaf
Known primarily for his work in Austin's much loved The Bad Livers, Ralph White is one of those multi-talented eccentrics that are such a vital part of the entire Americana genre. Erroneously dismissed by some as a joke band, The Bad Livers were one of the strangest and best alt-country acts to emerge in the early '90s. White's solo work has been (a little) less eccentric as he has juggled stints in the traditional Cajun outfit, The Gulf Coast Playboys, with a nice, restrained acoustic duo called Precious Blood. Brave Combo's Jeffrey Barnes and Slobberbone's Brent Best add a nice Denton vibe to this triple-bill of talented players.

Mechanical People, Union Shop and The Kissing Club at Poor David's Pub
Hailing out of Baton Rouge, Mechanical People are a relatively new trio of youngsters who play a fairly interesting mix of rock and funk. Songs such as "Sick and Wired" and "Monster" sound like early Yo La Tengo trying to cover Prince songs in your uncle's garage. Music this unpolished is nearly always worth looking into -- and Ben Graupner, Jake Miller and Ben Johnson certainly revel in the glorious amateurism of a band just getting started.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.