Tonight, Tonight: Robert Earl Keen at House of Blues, Jim Suhler at The Kessler and Rad Bromance at the Cambridge Room



much going on this Monday before New Year's, but there are still a couple of shows  I wanted to make sure you knew about.

Robert Earl Keen and Emory Quinn at The House of Blues
In some ways, Robert Earl Keen has become the standard-bearer of Texas roots music.  Nearing his 55 birthday, Keen is one of the few artists to appeal to fans of folk, country, alt-country and even alternative rock. And, sure enough, Keen's gifted ways with melodies and lyrics have put him in the upper stratosphere of Americana singer-songwriters. Perhaps only Willie Nelson sits above Keen -- but we all know that, these days, Keen is a hell of a lot easier to listen to. Anyhow, Keen's shows are as much about a familial spirit as they are musical performances. If there is better music to listen to while downing a cold one, I have yet to stumble upon it. San Antonio's Emory Quinn (a band, not a person) opens what should be a great way to prep for the New Year's festivities.

Jim Suhler and Hunter Hendrickson at The Kessler Theater
Two of the area's best guitarists get together for an evening of electric blues at this show. Jim Suhler just finished a mini-tour with George Thorogood, so the guy's digits should be nice and nimble. He also has a new CD scheduled for release in February, so look for a few new songs to pop up in tonight's blues onslaught. Hunter Hendrickson, meanwhile, may be the youngest of the players on display this evening, but his music has the heart and soul of a roots rock veteran. Songs like "If I Had Possession over Judgment Day" and "River" have a decidedly great Dylan vibe to them. Together, these two talented local guys should create some moments of pure bliss.

Rad Bromance at the House of Blues' Cambridge Room
Unlike Gaga, this self-proclaimed "#1 all male Lady GaGa Tribute Band" takes pride in having something between its legs.

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