Tonight, Tonight: Robert Gomez at Dan's, Sarah Jaffe DJ Set at the Double Wide, Crystal Castles at House of Blues, Coliseum and Burning Love at Rubber Gloves

We're about to see a sudden void in daily show lists, so, from here on out, each and every Monday through Thursday, I'll do my best to point the readers of DC9 in the right musical direction for each particular evening.

Oh, sweet Tuesday, the second step towards another blissful weekend. And actually, tonight's kind of got a pretty busy slate of musical offerings.

Robert Gomez at Dan's Silverleaf
Sometimes I forget that singer/songwriter Robert Gomez is a local guy. Sure, he was born in Corpus Christi and spent some time in New York City, but Gomez learned his guitar chops at good ol' North Texas State. And Denton is where he calls home these days. Anyhow, the artful pop/indie rock that is Gomez' stock and trade always makes for a good show, but tonight's performance has some extra appeal. Seems Gomez will play with Chris Flemmons of the Baptist Generals and there will be a screening of one of Gomez' favorite short films "La Jette." If a film screening seems totally out of left field for this show, it shouldn't; this performance will be Gomez' last area show for a while, as he'll soon be heading off to Milwaukee for two months to work on a film score.

Sarah Jaffe DJ set at the Double Wide

After further proving her worth at the Granada Theater on Saturday night, Sarah Jaffe will take her act to the Double Wide for a set tonight--but not a performance set, mind you. This night will see Jaffe DJing for the masses. Which probably means we'll see some more of that electro dancing she put on display at the start of her Saturday show.

Crystal Castles at House of Blues
Crystal Castle's stop tonight at the House of Blues will be the band's final U.S. appearance on its current tour before heading off to South America and Europe. Yes, the band does have a checkered past  in our area, but hopefully all things will be in order for Crystal Castles' experimental electronica at this show.

Coliseum and Burning Love at Rubber Gloves
Perhaps the best double-bill this evening occurs at Denton's Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studio where two punk bands from two very different locales take the stage. Headlining is Kentucky's Coliseum, a fairly straightforward punk band. The trio has been around since 2003 and is currently out in support of House with a Curse, the band's third effort. House is a bit more brooding and fleshed out than earlier efforts, and frontman Ryan Patterson has the disaffected slacker thing down pat at this point. Meanwhile, Toronto's Burning Love open things up and are more akin to the hardcore punk of Minor Threat and Bad Brains, with "singer" Chris Colohan basically disemboweling himself on each and every song. Good stuff, for sure. Ought to be a heck of a show.

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