Tonight, Tonight: Sam Adams at House of Blues, Aaron Neville at the Lakewood Theater and Micah Schnabel at Dan's Silverleaf

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A few interesting musical offerings in our area this Tuesday evening. Ought to be


to catch your ears and eyes in this collection...

Sam Adams, LA Riots and Vonnegutt at the House of Blues
Sam Wisner attended some rather prestigious colleges in the Northeast and became quite the soccer star before changing his name (slightly) to Sam Adams and entering the world of hip-hop. Hell, at 21, the guy is still captain of his Trinity College soccer team even as he attempts to broaden his musical landscape. No. there's nothing really new in Adams' beats or rhymes, but the youngster surely knows his way around a catchy, clichéd tune. Songs like "Driving Me Crazy" and "Coming Up" are the definition of mindless fun. This is rap stripped of authenticity and devoid of any street cred. Instead, this is privileged, white boy blues, an approximation of hip-hop filtered through east coast fraternities and locker rooms. Damn catchy, though. Same pretty much goes for Atlanta's Vonnegutt, who find themselves in an opening slot on a touring hip-hop show in Dallas for the second time in as many weeks.

Aaron Neville and Charles Neville at the Lakewood Theater
Now this here is the real deal. Approaching his 70th birthday, legendary New Orleans soul and R&B singer Aaron Neville is still the essence of romanticism. His high, soft croon was always something to behold, whether as part of the Neville Brothers or on his own. There's just something about the guy's wavering falsetto that seems to make the women go crazy. This is the best take-a-date show of the holiday season, folks. And Aaron's brother Charles is along for this tour, too. His skills on the sax will surely add some jazz and funk to the otherwise mellow proceedings.

Micah Schnabel, Chip Robinson and Isaac Hoskins at Dan's Silverleaf
Micah Schnabel is the singer/guitarist for Ohio's great alt-country act, Two Cow Garage. Going solo on this tour, Schnabel is as talented a songwriter as Slobberbone's Brent Best. No kidding. Also on this talented triple bill is Chip Robinson, a singer-songwriter who used to front a band out of North Carolina called The Backsliders--years before Dallas had our own THe BAcksliders.  Robinson's debut solo offering, Mylow, is an emotional, haunting collection of country/folk guaranteed to whet the whistle of any fan of Whiskeytown. You add in Denton's own Isaac Hoskins and you have yourself one of the best collection of tunesmiths in the state.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.


Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.