Tonight, Tonight: Stanley Clarke at the Granada, Silje Nes at Club DaDa, Markley and Horse Opera at City Tavern

Even though a lot of attention is (deservingly) aimed at the 35 Conferette starting tonight in Denton (

see our picks for must-see shows happening this weekend at the festival here

), there are still quite a few interesting musical happenings occurring at other area night spots...

Stanley Clarke and Victor Wooten at the Granada Theater
It's another night of instrumental virtuosity at the Granada, as two masters get together to awe anyone who ever picked up a bass guitar. Stanley Clarke is probably best known for his work with the legendary jazz fusion group Return to Forever, but he might have saved his top material for his 1974 self-titled solo album or 1975's Journey to Love. On those efforts (and many since then), Clarke's technique was beyond agile. His style has influenced a couple of generations of bassists, including Victor Wooten. Known for his work in Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Wooten may well be Clarke's equal. Together, these two instrumental heavyweights might just shake the venue's foundation.

Silje Nes and Novaak at Club DaDa
Hailing from Norway, indie pop singer-songwriter Silje Nes has a hushed vocal style that belies the heavy, experimental nature of her songs. Ames Room, Nes' 2007 debut, was basically a collection of home demos that drew the attention of some American record executives. Last year's Opticks featured a much more flushed-out sound that gave Nes a wider palette of instruments to work with. The results were pretty remarkable, too, as songs like "Silver and Blue" and "Levitation" blossomed as just a few of the album's standouts. Perhaps a bit too solemn for her own good, Silje Nes is nonetheless a talent worth investigating.

Horse Opera at City Tavern
Austin's Horse Opera seem to make the drive up I-35 pretty often, but it's always nice to catch their brand of old school honky-tonk. Jimmy Deveney leads this hayseed trio and the guy straddles that thin line between genius and doofus quite masterfully. Songs such as "Three to Closing" and "Spaghetti Mess" bare out such claims. The intimate confines of the City Tavern is a perfect place to catch Horse Opera's shit-kicking muse.

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