Tonight, Tonight: The Adicts at the Granada, Barcelona at the Loft, The Spring Standards at Club Dada and Lords of Acid at Trees

Still a bit of post-SXSW spillover happening this evening as a Belgian act and a British act highlight a nice collection of area shows.

The Adicts, Leg Sweeper and The Nicholsons at the Granada Theater
Often imitated but never improved upon, the Clockwork Orange, punk rock shtick of The Adicts has endured quite well for nearly four decades now. Hailing from England, The Adicts can certainly be viewed as one of the transcending (but sadly unheralded) punk bands. Of course, back in the day, a lot of punks (especially the American variety) didn't take too kindly to any band with a frontman dressed like a clown, but Keith Warren's "uniform" only adds to The Adicts' rabid charm. Adding some local greatness this evening will be Leg Sweeper, a combustible duo that doesn't need any fancy outfits getting in the way of their ragged roar.

Barcelona, Castle Lights and Novaak at the Loft
Not to be confused with long-deceased New Wave band from Virginia called Barcelona, this indie trio hails from Seattle, a much cooler locale. And the music from this particular Barcelona is pretty cool, as well. Brian Fennell's piano-based songs are often compared with those of Coldplay and U2, and Fennell's songwriting ability indeed helps Barcelona maintain their indie credibility amidst such high aspirations. Houston's Castle Lights also excels at slightly atmospheric rock that would probably sound good in an arena setting. Same goes for Denton's fast-rising Novaak, who open this bill. Tonight's a good opportunity to catch all of these bands in an intimate setting before they outgrow such venues.

The Spring Standards, The Monco Poncho and Brian P. Hughes & The Jamboree at Club Dada
New York City musicians in the folk-pop trio The Spring Standards must like Texas. They've sure been in the region long enough at this point, having played 35 Conferette and then SXSW and, now, a one-off at Club Dada, which again is benefiting from the annual Austin spillover. Anyway, The Spring Standards' music is fairly pleasant stuff -- soothing, pop-indebted stuff with folk flourishes. Not sure how the surf-rock of The Monco Poncho matches with that, but either way, this should be a nice, varied bill of music.

Lords of Acid, Angelspit and Radical G at Trees
Hands down, the ugliest trio of acts playing the area, this triple-bill really is the thing your mother warned you about. Since 1988, the Belgian industrial/techo outfit known as Lords of Acid have been soiling just about any place that would book them. Overwrought and migraine-inducing, the music of Maurice Engelen is so stuffed with sadomasochistic imagery, it should well be banned in some parts. Adding to tonight's display with be Australia's Angelspit and another Belgian with off-color sensibilities, one Radical G. Take my advice, and wear disposable clothing to this one. And maybe use those earplugs for your nose.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.