Tonight, Tonight: The Boxcar Bandits at Dan's, Michael Cote at Trail Dust, Cool Out at The Cavern.

We're about to see a sudden void in daily show lists, so, from here on out, each and every Monday through Thursday, I'll do my best to point the readers of DC9 in the right musical direction for each particular evening.

Mondays aren't your typical music hotbeds as far as national or even local shows go, but these days, the DFW scene is getting large enough that even the first day of the week offers a few choice offerings.

Cases in point: Denton's Boxcar Bandits and Granbury's Michael Cote.

The Boxcar Bandits is a lively "skunk grass" quartet playing tonight at Dan's Silverleaf. The band recently returned from a summer tour and will tonight resume its weekly Monday night residency at Dan's--but only for three weeks. The Bandits head out on a Mountain West tour in October.

Led by Texas Rex Emerson, the band is currently working on its sophomore effort, Far Mountain Gravy. Below, give "Doggin That Squirrel," from the 2008 album Smells Like Grass, a listen and download..

Bonus mp3:

The Boxcar Bandits -- "Doggin That Squirrel"

The Boxcar Bandits -- "Doggin That Squirrel"

Good picking and grinning music right there.

Another performer who hits the same venue every Monday is Michael Cote, a country singer-songwriter who plies his craft all over the North Texas area, but sets up shop each Monday evening at Trail Dust Steakhouse in Arlington. Cote's more in the George Strait new traditionalist vein, but that's all right by me. And with his rich baritone and keen eye for classic country covers, Cote's gentle muse is just right for sitting back and devouring a steak.

Meanwhile, the best weekly DJ night in town, Cool Out, will continue its Monday night dominance tonight at The Cavern.

Know other shows worth seeing? Add 'em in the comments.

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