Tonight, Tonight: The Canadian Tenors at Bass Hall, Van Darian at Fred's Texas Café and The Brian Piper Trio at Lakewood Bar & Grill

Slim pickings on this Tuesday evening before Christmas. May we suggest you head outside and enjoy this weather? No? Well,


, if you


go out to see music tonight, consider these options after the jump.

The Canadian Tenors at Bass Hall in Fort Worth
Those folks looking for more traditional holiday fare may wish to venture to Cowtown tonigh to catch The Canadian Tenors. These four handsome dudes from the great white north have been vocalizing classical and pop fare for nearly four years now. Definitely slick and best suited for the concertgoer who gets all spiffed up, these tenors are assuredly talented and should provide an evening of pleasant, holiday-themed tunes, if that's your thing.

Van Darien at Fred's Texas Café in Fort Worth
Born in Weatherford, but now a resident of Fort Worth, Van Darien is another local singer-songwriter deserving of a wider audience. Darien's mixture of pop, soul and folk is very reminiscent of Bonnie Raitt. And his most recent effort, Boomerang, is a solid collection of soulful roots music. Songs like "Bulletproof Tears" and "Harlem" show Darien boasting a fine grasp of mood and melody.  

The Brian Piper Trio at Lakewood Bar & Grill
Another night, another talented jazz performer plies his craft at this particular venue. Last night, it was Dave Semans, and, tonight, it's Lewisville's Brian Piper. Piper's a renowned area pianist who plays straightforward jazz that would fit nicely after a good holiday meal. Tasteful in the extreme, Piper's repertoire includes cuts from Miles Davis, Freddy Hubbard and Duke Ellington. Piper certainly has the chops to attempt such material. Here's hoping he gets a nice audience to enjoy it.

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