Tonight, Tonight: The Cult at House of Blues, Miss Marcy and Her Texas Sugar Daddies at Pearl, and Becky Middleton leads Songwriters in the Round at Opening Bell Coffee

Another Monday comes around just in time to spoil all those good feeling brought on by the Cowboys finally winning a game.

Not to worry, though: This evening's musical offerings are decidedly eclectic and one shouldn't have too difficult of a time finding some kind of ear candy.

The Cult at The House of Blues
Back in the day, The Cult pretty much bored the shit out of me. Besides the band ripping off guitar riffs from AC/DC, lead singer Ian Astbury's pretentious Jim Morrison-wannabe mysticism was especially annoying. But after 30 or so years, The Cult has become less of an irritation; the band is now fully ensconced in the '80s revival concert circuit. And The Cult has the necessary allotment of hits to please a crowd of 30-, 40- and 50-year-olds who didn't know much better back in high school and college. "Love Removal Machine," "She Sells Sanctuary" and "Rain" are still in heavy rotation at nearly every Gentleman's Club across the country. What better endorsement can one have?

Miss Marcy and Her Texas Sugar Daddies at Pearl at Commerce
Miss Marcy has been holding down a regular Monday evening gig at Pearl at Commerce for several years now. The early shows (which start at 6 p.m. and end by 9:30) give folks a chance to enjoy happy "hour" with one of our area's best blues vocalists. Originally from El Paso, Miss Marcy graduated from the University of North Texas and will play in just about any bar that will let her and her band in the door. Besides cranking out the expected covers of blues legends Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey and Big Mama Thorton, Marcy also has a slew of top-notch originals. Check out "Restraining Order" and "One More Man" for a strong dose of feminism guised in the form of the blues.

Songwriters in the Round Hosted by Becky Middleton at Opening Bell Coffee
The songwriters in the round series is a standard coffeehouse type of thing, but some of the best tunesmiths often work out the kinks in their material at events such as this. Becky Middleton hosts a nice selection of area songwriters this time around, including Chris Holt, Daniel Creamer and Philip Creamer. Middleton's debut full-length effort came out last year and the young lady has a nice, alt-country/Christian-pop vibe to her music. Holt, meanwhile, has a new disc--maybe the best of his prolific career--out early next month. Should be interesting to hear what these two and their fellow songwriters have percolating in their poetic souls tonight.

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