Tonight, Tonight: We Are Scientist at The Loft, Powerman 5000 at Trees and Cory Morrow at The Aardvark. LATE ADD: The Fresh & Onlys and Royal Baths at The Nightmare.

A couple of nice triple-bills, plus some hardcore country, makes for a pleasant Tuesday evening of music, no?

We Are Scientists, Twin Tigers and Rewards at The Loft
Although We Are Scientists formed in 2000, the band's name and sound is straight out of the late '70s and early '80s. Like every New Wave band back in the day, main Scientists Keith Murray and Chris Cain claim David Bowie as a major influence. But Murray and Cain are far goofier that The Thin White Duke would even pretend to be. Living up to their band name, We Are Scientists are a bunch of nerds who have parlayed their inherent silliness into some decent record sales. More power to them. Athens' Twin Tigers and Brooklyn's Rewards add more modern sounds to this talented triple-bill.

Powerman 5000, Rivethead and Bulletproof Alibi at Trees
Michael David Cummings (aka Spider One) is the main force behind Powerman 5000. Cummings also happens to be the younger brother of Rob Zombie, and, for the better part of two decades, both brothers have made an impact on the industrial metal scene. Numerous personnel changes have always seemed to slow down Cummings and whatever set of side players he chooses to employ, though. The band's best moment may well be its debut, 1995's The Blood Splat Rating System. Since then, it's been hit and miss. But Powerman 5000 is normally at its best in front of a sweaty, unattractive crowd. I'm certain tonight's throng will live up to that standard. Dallas' own likeminded quartet Rivethead should provide ample support this evening, as should another local act, Bulletproof Alibi.

Cory Morrow and Ben Danaher at The Aardvark
Cory Morrow may look like Pat Green, but Morrow's take on country is from a much more traditionalist perspective. Like Robert Earl Keen and Ray Wylie Hubbard, Morrow's take on Americana is authentic. Songs like "He Carries Me" and "Lord, You Devil" offer ample evidence of Morrow's country chops as well as the guy's earnest spirituality. Ben Danaher's brand of country features quite a bit more rock in the mix as the Austin resident pays tribute to the likes of Steve Earle and Ryan Adams. A nice double-bill of roots music at the perfect venue.

LATE ADD: The Fresh & Onlys, Royal Baths and Rayon Beach at The Nightmare
Hey, do you guys like buzz bands? Then this is your show. We saw the Fresh & Onlys a few months back at Sons, opening for King Khan & The Shrines, and we dug their "fever-dream rock."

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