Tonight's D'espairsRay Show at The Loft Has Been Canceled.

You can't help but like a band that puts its members' blood types on

their web site

. So it's sad news to hear that


canceled tonight's tour stop in Dallas.

The Japanese band's fourth full-length album, MONSTERS, was released on July 28 and featured more of the industrial metal/glam rock the band has made since forming in 1999. D'espairsRay had already played six shows in the U.S., including a performance in New York City last Thursday, before cancelling the rest of its shows. Here's the official word from the band's site:

The Atlanta, Dallas, and Houston shows have been canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. We deeply apologize for the disappointment this causes our fans, and hope they understand that we want nothing more than to attend all shows if only possible. We are nothing without your support, and we ask that you stick with us and look forward to future overseas tours

Oh well. Here's hoping D'espairsRay can make it back soon. Because, really, we can never have enough Japanese industrial goth metal around here.

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