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Tracklist: The Local Hang With Playlister P, Vol. 1

Thanks to all the area musicians, DJs, local music fans, and, well, everyone else who stopped on in The Libertine last night to check out the little experiment we're calling The Local Hang with Playlister P. It was a night not without flaws--I'll admit that it took me a while to figure out the sound levels in the room (it'll be better next time, promise!) and at least one song got caught off midway through--but, for the most part, I'd say it was a rousing success, thanks in large part to those who came out to support it. Turns out, just maybe, there is an audience for local music in Dallas--especially when folks are looking for something to do on the way home from the Sunny Day Real Estate and Dead Weather shows.

Anyway, thanks again to all who came out. Couldn't make it yourself? Well, after the jump, see what you missed via our list of all 71 songs played last night, in order of appearance. We'll see you again on Monday, November 2.

  1. Red Monroe -- "Pat Mayse Lake"
  2. A.M. Ramblers -- "Seven Shots of Tequila"
  3. RTB2 -- "Yer Fool's Suite (Pt. II)"
  4. Centro-matic -- "Rat Patrols & DJs"
  5. Baboon -- "Airplane"
  6. Fergus & Geronimo -- "Powerful Lovin'"
  7. Fungi Girls -- "Pacifica Nostalgia"
  8. Dem Southernfolkz -- "Sunday Morning"
  9. Mount Righteous -- "Sea Man"
  10. Matthew and The Arrogant Sea -- "The Wizard"
  11. Dove Hunter -- "Well Wisher
  12. Slider Pines -- "The Pinch"
  13. Whiskey Folk Ramblers --"Moanin' Rag"
  14. This Old House -- "At Risk"
  15. Telegraph Canyon -- "All The Good News"
  16. Shiny Around The Edges -- "This Apocalypse"
  17. Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights -- "Slowtrain"
  18. Kim Lenz & The Jaguars -- "That's The Breaks"
  19. Eleven Hundred Springs -- "Every Time I Get Close To You"
  20. The Baptist Generals -- "Alcohol (Turn and Fall)"
  21. Bosque Brown -- "Train Song"
  22. 100 Damned Guns -- "Livin' On Easy Street"
  23. Centro-matic -- "Triggers and Trash Heaps"
  24. The Southern Sea -- "These Things Always End Badly"
  25. The New Year -- "The Company I Can Get"
  26. The Happy Bullets -- "Vice and Virtue Ministry"
  27. Ben Kweller -- "Commerce, TX"
  28. Macon Greyson -- "Pushing Strings"
  29. St. Vincent -- "Actor Out of Work"
  30. The Buck Pets -- "More and More"
  31. Fair to Midland -- "Dance of the Manatee"
  32. Old 97's -- "Barrier Reef"
  33. The Strange Boys -- "Heard You Wanna Beat Me Up"
  34. School of Seven Bells -- "Iamundernodisguise"
  35. Scuba Team Go! -- "Yew Kant Spell Kewl Like Us"
  36. Max Moon -- "Urban Outfitters"
  37. Fizzy Dino Pop -- "Chiyo Chiyo"
  38. VEGA -- "No Reasons"
  39. GalleryCat -- "Say Say Say"
  40. The Hood Internet -- "Fire Ant Paint Job (Dorrough vs Bibio)"
  41. Faux Fox -- "Nothing Gold"
  42. Hoyotoho -- "Beasts Out In The Wild"
  43. Teenage Cool Kids -- "Poison Sermons"
  44. The Secret Machines -- "Atomic Heels"
  45. The Frontier Brothers -- "Space Punk Starlet"
  46. Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights -- "Pardon Me" ***SONG DEBUT***
  47. Air Review -- "Chasing Corporate"
  48. P.P.T. -- "Who's That Girl"
  49. Neon Indian -- "Terminally Chill"
  50. The Nervebreakers -- "My Girlfriend Is A Rock"
  51. The Lash Outs -- "The Kids Don't Wanna Dance"
  52. Slow Roosevelt -- "Boys Lie, Girls Steal"
  53. True Widow -- "AKA"
  54. The Phuss -- "Preacher, Preacher"
  55. Last Rites -- "You're So F*cking Great"
  56. The Paper Chase -- "Said The Spider To The Fly"
  57. PlayRadioPlay! -- "Loco Commotion"
  58. The Secret Handshake -- "T.G.I.F."
  59. Roy Hargrove Big Band -- "Ms. Garvey, Ms. Garvey"
  60. Black Tie Dynasty -- "Seawall"
  61. Funland -- "Angry Girl"
  62. Toadies -- "Possum Kingdom"
  63. Ghosthustler -- "Parking Lot Nights"
  64. Shock of Pleasure -- "Not My Angel (Left/Right vs. DJ Merritt Remix)"
  65. PVC Street Gang -- "Cutlass"
  66. The Crash That Took Me -- "Julianne"
  67. They Were Stars -- "Every Now and Then"
  68. Febrifuge -- "Adjusting Bodies"
  69. Rhett Miller -- "I Need To Know Where I Stand"
  70. I Love Math -- "Josephine Street"
  71. PlayRadioPlay! -- "Texas"

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