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Tracklist: The Local Hang with Playlister P, Vol. 5

Many thanks to those who stopped on by The Libertine last night for the fifth installment of The Local Hang. Yep, that's right, our fifth, which, if nothing else, proves that if you and Libertine owner Simon McDonald reach a drunken agreement, he will hold you to it for no less than five months.

Surely, I kid. And I do: These have been a great time for me and, I hope, for those who've come to hang out as well. Seems we're even developing a new wrinkle of bands showing up with songs in tow, ready for me to play--a trend I welcome--so they can gauge the room's reaction. To that end, we debuted nine new tracks at last night's event--songs from Midlake, Sarah Jaffe, Smile Smile, Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights, Johnny Lloyd Rollins, Fizzy Dino Pop, Kirby Brown, The Hope Trust and Sir Silky. If you missed out... well, yeah, you missed out. But you can still see what songs I played, if there's any solace in that.

Check the full playlist, in order, after the jump.

  • Mount Righteous -- Shake The Rafters Loose
  • Bridges & Blinking Lights -- Undercover
  • Tripping Daisy -- Bedhead
  • Smile Smile -- Cancer ***SONG DEBUT***
  • Slobberbone -- Whiskey Glass Eye
  • Kirby Brown -- Coattails ***SONG DEBUT***
  • Ryan Thomas Becker -- Seek Fire Anime Kids
  • Automorrow -- Get Your Own Friends
  • Red Animal War -- Still
  • Midlake -- The Horn ***SONG DEBUT***
  • Sir Silky -- Getchoo Bodee ***SONG DEBUT***
  • GalleryCat -- Say Say Say
  • Hagfish -- Happiness
  • The Crash That Took Me -- Patricia Lynn
  • Analog Rebellion -- You've Been Had (Machine)
  • True Widow -- AKA
  • The Paper Chase -- Said The Spider To The Fly
  • Centro-matic -- Triggers and Trash Heaps
  • Rachel Bazooka -- My Mirror
  • The O's -- Bowling Green
  • JD Whittenburg -- San Francisco
  • Johnny Lloyd Rollins -- Simply Neurotic ***SONG DEBUT***
  • The Frontier Brothers -- Space Punk Starlet
  • The Happy Bullets -- The Vice and Virtue Ministry
  • Baboon -- Airplane
  • Sarah Jaffe -- Vulnerable ***SONG DEBUT***
  • The Orbans -- Were Her
  • Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights -- Devil's Basement ***SONG DEBUT***
  • The Burning Hotels -- Austin's Birthday
  • Slider Pines -- The Pinch
  • Slow Ride -- Computer
  • Teenage Cool Kids -- Reservoir Feelings
  • Occult Detective Club -- You'll Follow Me
  • Wax Museums -- Safety in Numbers
  • Bad Sports -- Nothing But Agitation
  • The Uptown Bums -- This and That
  • The Baptist Generals -- Alcohol (Turn and Fall)
  • Dove Hunter -- Well Wisher
  • The Hope Trust -- Sleepy Romans ***SONG DEBUT***
  • Matthew and The Arrogant Sea -- The Wizard
  • Neon Indian -- Deadbeat Summer
  • Fight Bite -- Spring Rain
  • Florene -- Street Caring
  • VEGA -- No Reasons
  • Fizzy Dino Pop -- Space ***SONG DEBUT***
  • Objektiv One -- Best I Ever Had (Drake vs Washed Out Mashup)
  • Ishi -- Pastel Lights
  • The Rocket Summer -- You Gotta Believe
  • Max Moon -- Urban Outfitters
  • Strange Fruit Project -- Crash
  • Ocelot -- Our Time
  • Miss TK and The Revenge -- No Biters (Sydney Confirm Remix)
  • Toadies -- Tyler
  • Sorta -- Soft Kisses
  • They Were Stars -- Every Now and Then
  • Analog Rebellion-- Marla Singer Doesn't Take Standardized Tests (Disposable Smile)
  • The Secret Handshake -- Denton, TX
  • UFOFU -- Legendary Microwave
  • 100 Damned Guns -- Living On Easy Street
  • Red Monroe -- Pat Mayse Lake
  • A.M. Ramblers -- Seven Shots of Tequila
  • Whiskey Folk Ramblers -- Goin' Where I Don't Know
  • RTB2 -- When Hammer Hits Stone

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