Tre Orsi And Bad Sports Made Honorary Austinites On Matador Compilation

Matador Records co-owner and sports blogger Gerard Cosloy has assembled Casual Victim Pile, a great compilation of Austin bands that probably don't make much of a blip on the radar of Sixth Street blues-cover enthusiasts and Bob Schneider fans.

But, this is weird: While the majority of the bands represented on the 19-track single CD/double LP call the "Live Music Capital" home, two hail from Denton: Tre Orsi and Bad Sports.

As Cosloy explains in the liner notes (which are hilarious and reason enough to buy the comp, by the way), they both " in Austin often enough that the self-imposed 'no ringers' rule was tossed in the trash." Cosloy chose Tre Orsi's "Engineer" and Bad Sports' "Can't Remember Your Name" for the compilation.

If you can't wait for the January 26 release, you can listen to a stream of "Engineer" on Tre Orsi's MySpace Page and to "Can't Remember Your Name" on Bad Sports'.

And speaking of Bad Sports, the band is part of a great punk lineup at Rubber Gloves' New Year's Celebration Thursday which also includes VIDEO and The Uptown Bums.


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