True Widow Gets Signed to Kemado Records?

We're pretty unabashed fans of Dallas' own True Widow here at DC9 HQ, where we still spin the band's incredible self-titled debut from 2008 on about a weekly basis--or pretty much whenever we need our fix of surprisingly melodic and heavy dirge rock. (Happens fairly regularly, actually.)

So we've been sitting around and waiting patiently for some time now to hear word of a follow-up from the trio--only to have the band consistently tell us that, while they have indeed finished writing their sophomore effort, they wouldn't be recording anything until they found someone to release the disc.

Well, as the band's Facebook page reveals, the band has recently wrapped up its recording sessions on a new disc. Finished up the mixing, too. So, surely, they've found a home for the new disc?

Yup, they sure have. Or so it would appear.

We can't get the band or the label to confirm it on the record at this point, but sources very close to the band tell us that we can expect a new True Widow disc at some point in early 2011, and that it'll be released via Kemado Records, home to the likes of The Sword, The Soft Pack, Dungen, Saviours and others.

Not bad company at all.

And, actually, as this post on Parade of Flesh's web site shows, Kemado might've slipped up a few weeks back and accidentally leaked the info before it meant to. Check the below screen-grab PoF grabbed from Kemado's site and posted earlier this week:

Then there's the fact that the label's been tweeting about True Widow, too. So, we're gonna go out on a limb and say that it looks like this is happening, even if we're still waiting on confirmation from Kemado.

If true, it's great news for True Widow, no doubt. And for True Widow fans, who are about to get a new record. Hell, it's good news for Kemado, too, what with signing one of Dallas' finest acts to its strong label roster of similarly minded acts.

Great news all around, really.

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