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True Widow Gets Some Love In San Francsico: "Records Like This Come Along So Rarely."

It might not be "Best New Music," but, regardless, congratulations to True Widow, one of our favorite area rock outfits here at DC9, as Aquarius Records, the oldest independent record store in San Francisco, has named the band's 2008, self-titled release its record of the week, starting off seven paragraphs of praise on its Web site with a simple enough catch-all starting off the the store's thoughts: "Records like this come along so rarely."

Later, the write-up continues just as lovingly: "[It] came out last year, but we only just discovered it, and it had such an impact on us, we figured it was worth sharing with the rest of you. Cuz even if only a fraction of you have the same sort of response to True Widow that we did, it was well worth it."

Couldn't agree more.

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