Turns Out The Enormous Magic Verb Isn't Breaking Up. They're Just Taking Some Time Off To Write Some Action/Adventure Songs About Genitalia

Turns out I may have spoken too soon in my column this week when I wrote that Sunday night's Club Dada gig was The Enormous Magic Verb's last.

In the ol' inbox today comes a note from EMV player Chad Siewert, who writes:

"There must be some confusion, the band is not breaking up, the show at dada was our last show for a little while, not forever. The fall is a busy time for myself and Darin, our bass player....We are taking a break for a little bit, but will no doubt be back in the late winter/early spring time."

Well, that's interesting, I guess. But not as interesting as this bit that Siewert goes on to share about his own solo project:

"I am writing a concept album about a penis who develops the ability to detach himself from his human body at night, and fly around the world in search of historic artifacts or something like that, I am in the planning stages really."

One can only hope that he's being serious, 'cause that right there sounds amazing. --Pete Freedman

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