Two Cow Garage

Two Cow Garage For the many folks, including me, who miss Slobberbone, this trio from Ohio could be just the alt-country fix you've been aching for. Featuring the tortured yowl of Micah Schabel and the lock-step, hayseed rhythm section of Dustin Harigle and Shane Sweeney, Two Cow Garage creates an authentic, moonshine-fueled rural racket. Touring in support of the aptly-titled III, Schabel and crew make up in power what they may lack in subtlety. Songs such as "Camaro," "Come Back to Shelby" and "The Great Gravitron Massacre" show an equal debt to folk-country and to the alt-rock roar of Dinosaur Jr. and Nirvana. Like Slobberbone's Brent Best, however, Two Cow Garage's Schabel is capable of a lyrical insight that belies the thunderous backing. Don't let the muscular thud obscure the fact that this bumpkin has a brain.

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Darryl Smyers
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