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Unlikely Rising Dance Music Stars Darkside Never Play a Song the Same Way Twice

The fact that Darkside's Dave Harrington didn't spend his life crafting beats or sampling music in his parent's basement as a young child is a bit of a shocker, given the level of excellence he and Darkside's leader, Nicolas (Nico) Jarr have achieved in only a couple of years. What's more surprising, though, is that Harrington, who adds drums and guitars to Jaar's aural odyssey, waited until late in the game to dive into the music he now helps make as one of the biggest critical successes of the past six months.

"In a way, Nico is really responsible for turning me on to dance music," says Harrington from New Mexico earlier this week. "I had dabbled in electronic music, but before I was called to audition for his touring band, that wasn't a focus of mine. Nico really changed the way I make music."

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Kelly Dearmore