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Usher and Slash to Join The Black Eyed Peas During The Super Bowl XLV Halftime Show?

The big news today about the Big Game's halftime show, in case you haven't yet heard, comes via an Associated Press story published early this morning by football writer Howard Fendrich, which quotes a "person familiar with the plans for Sunday's halftime show" and claims that the Black Eyed Peas' performance will feature cameos from R&B superstar Usher and guitar hero Slash.

Both performers -- Usher, who, it should be noted, was born in Dallas, and Slash, who stopped through on tour with Ozzy Osbourne a few weeks back -- have collaborated with the band in the past.

If nothing else, it certainly adds some girth to a performance we weren't previously altogether pleased to hear about. And, there doesn't appear too much reason to doubt the rumor -- the AP story claims its source "spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity Wednesday, because the musicians' performances were not going to be announced." 

In their official Super Bowl XLV press conference held this afternoon, the Black Eyed Peas chose not to comment on the matter.

Whether that means the cameos are on or not... well, who knows? But here's hoping. The cameos would at least mean that someone with some ties to the region (albeit loose ones -- Usher has always claimed Atlanta as his home) has finally been added to the bill.

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