Video: Nervous Curtains -- "All Yesterday's Parties"

Nervous Curtains "All Yesterday's Parties" from Liberal Media/Charlie Tango on Vimeo.

Sean Kirkpatrick just sent an amazing music video for one of the best tracks off Nervous Curtains' Out of Sync With Time, which we wrote about in a March feature. Not only does it feature one of Dallas' best bands in one of Dallas' best venues (the Kessler) as the setting, but it's got comedy inspired by silent movie legend Charlie Chaplin. AND it's got Ruby Revue burlesque hotties. Comedy, cute girls and a great song--could this be the perfect music video? Says Kirkpatrick in the accompanying press release:

"I just

wanted to make something that would really bring out the way this song feels. There's a level of melodrama to it, and at the same time

there's this real sense of delusion and rejection. There's glamour,

and there's grit. I wanted this video to encompass all of those

feelings, and I think we accomplished that."

Agreed! The clip is directed by Justin Wilson of Liberal Media Films and stars George Quartz as a has-been talent rejected by his former hangers-on. Here's a link to the YouTube version, if that's your preference.

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