Video Premiere: A.Dd+ -- "Under (featuring Dustin Cavazos)"

We can practically hear you groaning.

"Enough with the A.Dd+ dudes already!"

Yeah, yeah.

Hey, we admit it: We've been giving the duo of Paris Pershun and Slim Gravy all sorts of love since the release of their When Pigs Fly album back in March. But, listen, if we're going to go out on a limb and call the disc "nothing short of a classic" and the "best rap album that Dallas has ever seen, front to back," we're gonna back it up.

No, not because we feel like we need to. But because we want to, because we really do believe it when we say those things.

Which brings us to this, yet another post about A.Dd+. But a special treat this time around, for sure. Just as was the case back in February, when we premiered the duo's "Likeamug" music video, we've once again got the exclusive on a new clip from the talented Dallas twosome.

This time around it's for the track "Under," one of the slower pieces on When Pigs Fly. Don't mistake slower for less interesting, though. Quite the opposite: "Under" is one of the more thoughtful tracks of the Picnic-produced release, a song about the dangers of being pulled under by the negative side of life. It's a fine track, and now it's got a beautiful, powerful Israel Isas-directed clip to go with it.

Enjoy it after the jump. We know you will.

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