Video Premiere: People On Vacation -- "Better Off Dead"

We've spent a good chunk of space here in the past few weeks talking about People on Vacation, the new collaborative project from Smile Smile's Ryan Hamilton and Bowling for Soup's Jaret Reddick -- probably too much space, considering that the band has yet even to make its live performance debut.

That much will change, though, in the next few weeks, as the band travels through Texas for a short tour, starting in Austin on January 27 before hitting Houston the next night and, finally, coming back to Dallas for its debut local performance on Saturday, January 29, at the House of Blues' Cambridge Room.

So, too, will the fact that the band's only released two of their songs as streams at this point: Kirtland Records says it plans on releasing a People on Vacation disc at some point this year.

Still, with the upcoming Texas tour, which will be followed quickly by a tour of the United Kingdom, in support of Reddick's own Bowling for Soup, the band's doing all it can to get the word out. Meaning? They've already printed up plenty of merch, and, right now, on this blog, they've decided to premiere a music video for their song "Better Off Dead."

The clip, which you'll find exclusively here, is right up the alley of what the band is billing itself as -- a fun side project that blends Reddick's pop-punk hooks with Hamilton's biting lyrical verse content. The video, which features the two players mugging for the camera as their lyrics scroll behind them, is clearly emphasizing the lyricism at play -- in many ways, the clip recalls the lyric videos for two big 2010 clips from Cee Lo Green and My Chemical Romance. But it also goes to pretty great lengths to showcase the band's sense of humor, too, through some added illustration as well. Give it a watch after the jump.

Personally, of the two songs I've heard, I think I prefer "She Was The Only One" (which you can stream here) to this song. But with lyrics like "If you've got an itch, you've gotta scratch that shit till it don't itch," it's pretty easy to see why the band's getting behind this one for now.

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Pete Freedman
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