And, in other news, Diddy turns 39 years old today...

Vote First, Party Later: Presenting Your Election Night Music Options

Whether you've grown weary of the political rhetoric or you just want to watch the returns come in while sipping a cold beverage and catching some good music, here are some concerts tonight that are potentially worthy of your interest...

Modern Day Escape Club Dada These punks from Orlando have quite a bit more bite to them than your typical emo kids with too much eyeliner. Spewing piss and vinegar, Modern Day Escape’s sound harkens back to punk’s golden era, a time when formalities like being in tune or having a singer you could understand didn’t mean a damn thing.

Christian Sly Hank’s Texas Grill (McKinney) Local multi-instrumentalist Christian Sly (great name) fronts The Opus Flux, a local ensemble that had to change its name from Frolic due to a lawsuit from a band already owning that moniker. When performing solo, the 30-year-old Sly is quite capable of channeling the likes Kurt Cobain and Lindsey Buckingham into his energetic and melodious songs.

Brad Hines The White Elephant Saloon (Fort Worth) Unofficially dubbed “The Mayor of the Fort Worth Stockyards” by his fans, Brad Hines’ weekly live shows at The White Elephant have become a haven for those who enjoy acoustic Americana played with brains and spirit. Hines’ mellow brand of alt-country is just the thing to mellow out a crowd of politicized cowboys.

The Nasty Clan Poor David’s Pub This relatively new Austin ensemble list all the right influences--My Morning Jacket, Okkervil River, The Who--and, surprisingly, this quartet actually incorporates elements of all three of those bands into its convoluted but convincing songs. Although perhaps a bit too smart-ass-y for their own good (a common malady for Austinites), the members of this particular Clan could make some noise on the musical horizon... --Darryl Smyers

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.