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Vote For Liz Williams, Get $5,000? OK, Then!

That's a really nice couch, huh? (Peter Marince)

Local singer/songwriter Liz Williams, ever the fan of contests we've never heard of, has apparently reached a milestone in yet another competition.

This time, she's reached the Top 15 in something called the Boru Bar Band Contest. Sponsered by Boru Vodka, the contest awards $10,000 of professional gear of the artist’s choosing, plus a professionally produced, shot, and edited video.

At the moment, Williams is in 6th place in the contest's open voting, behind such luminaries as (shout at me if you have ever heard of any of these acts) The Loveblisters, The Second Advance, Whirl, Luck Brothers and Johnny the Saint and the Velvet Hand.

Voting to support local product Williams ends October 26, so there’s still time to put one of our own at the front of the pack. Williams deserves the kudos as her brand of pop/rock has enough brains and beauty to easily garner her some national attention.

Plus, each voter is registered in a fan contest that will award $5,000 to some lucky schmuck. So there's that. --Darryl Smyers

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