Waaga Records Offers Up Free Denton-Heavy Compilation, FUR and Florene Score Some Early Praise

Pardon us for following the progress of Sacramento-based record label Waaga Records so closely--but, hey, they started it by first signing the DC9-approved FUR and then inking Florene, all based on the recommendations of the Sleep Whale fellas.

Anyway, the early returns on that front seem to be pretty good: This week, both FUR and Florene earned props from the much-adored 20 Jazz Funk Greats blog, which praised and debuted a fine new, as-yet-unreleased track from each act--both of which are well worth your listening and downloading time.

And then there's this: Today, the folks at Waaga Records themselves decided to offer up a free compilation of songs from their "artists and friends." Included on the free, 15-track download are FUR and Florene (duh), plus Pitchfork-approved Sleep Whale sub-projects Sunnybrook, Melting Season and Abacus, and, sure enough, the brand-spanking new Motherly.

Waaga suggests you "watch for all fo these artists in 2010." We'd be hard-pressed to disagree based on early listens. Go ahead and download the compilation right here.

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