Wanz Dover Offers Free Download Of Blixaboy EP

Stereo On Strike's Wanz Dover is on pace to digitally release six EPs of his dub-influenced Blixaboy project in advance of a planned June album release for The Geek. They're all available for purchase through Amazon, iTunes, Digital Tunes and Emusic; the album will be released as a CD and download. Later this summer, he hopes to put out all six of the EPs and the LP on vinyl.

But Dover is willing to part with one of them for free. The four-song Argo 1996 is his tribute to the late, great Denton club that was the predecessor to Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studio. It features two versions of the title track (one a slow and minimal version, the other a sped-up, denser and longer take) as well as "Sound of the Sun" and "Full Moon Dub." Download it here, then peruse his MySpace page for samples of tracks from the other EPs.

The latest of the EPs is Me and My C128D, a reference to Dover's first computer, a Commodore C128D. The next three EPs will be released over the next three weeks.

"Enhanced versions of all of the title tracks from the ep's will be on The Album," Dover writes in an e-mail. "In some cases that will mean extra guitars and live drum. The album is called 'The Geek' which pretty much sums me up. The album has a few special guests on it. Guests people would not necessarily expect on a project like this."

Dover is also producing Stereo on Strike releases for Jack With One Eye and Laptop Deathmatch champ Cygnus. Also, he says, anyone who has already purchased the Argo 1996 EP can contact him and he'll send them another EP for free.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.