Gloria Levario

Watch: Datahowler's "Prophet" Scores Some Nice Extreme Sports Photography

This past weekend, Datahowler, the chilled-out identity of Frisco's Ross Edman, made his live debut at Club Dada's New Year's Eve Do-Over Party -- and our Daniel Rodrigue came away quite impressed with what he saw from this young performer.

Can't say that this much is too surprising -- we've been following the former mash-up artist for some time now, impressed with his ear and sonic direction.

Turns out we're not the only ones. Extreme sports photographer Matt Butterworth too has taken a shining to Datahowler's sounds and, specifically, his song, "Prophet" (which we shared with you as a free mp3 download a few weeks back) to the point where he decided to score his 2010 photo retrospective video with the song. Combined, it makes for some nice ear and eye candy pairing. Give the clip a watch after the jump.


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