Watch: Dorrough feat. Fat B -- "Caramel Sundae"

It was back in November when we first heard the latest song about frozen treats from Mr. Ice Cream Paint Job himself, Dorrough. This one, you'll surely recall, is called "Caramel Sundae" and features fellow Dallasite Fat B on the track, in which the fellas talk about members of the opposite sex as if they're different flavors of ice cream.

Anyway, on Friday, the video for the track--which isn't on Dorrough's Dorrough Music debut (download it here)--made its debut on World Star Hip-Hop. And, just three days later, the video's amassed just under 6 million views, go effin' figure. Not too tough to figure out why, if you watch the above, barely safe-for-work clip.

Go ahead and check it out--and then let us know if you can figure out in which strip club this was shot it. We have limited strip club experience.


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