Watch: Little Black Dress -- "Snow in June"

We've been in a fairly nostalgic and retrospective mood of late -- maybe you've noticed our pretty much constant looks back at this year of late? -- which got us thinking: Looking back on the year that was 2009, is there an area band or release that we didn't give the shine it deserved?

In a word: Yes. On our year-end countdown of the region's best songs from last year, we've a couple times groaned about forgetting to include any songs off the debut album from Toby Pipes and Nolan Thies' shoegazey Little Black Dress, which we reviewed quite positively, and still somehow forgot about come year's end.

Well, consider this our public apology, fellas.

And -- oh, hey, how convenient! -- what are the odds that, just as we were thinking this, a new video from the band, for its song "Snow in June" comes to our inbox? Pretty slim we'd say.

Anyway, give the clip a deserved watch after the jump. As you should expect both from the band's sound and the song's title, the video is an appropriate blend of cold and warm imagery.

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