Watch: Neon Indian Collaborates With The Antlers

It looks like Neon Indian's Alan Palomo enjoyed his collaboration with the Flaming Lips so much that he got together with some other musician folks from his newish neighborhood, Brooklyn's The Antlers. The result was a super-slow yet powerful version of an Antlers song called "Rolled Together." Fans of the band can likely expect a similar performance of the song at their June 8 show at The Loft.

In the video documenting the session that took place in The Antler's Brooklyn studio, Palomo can be seen playing keyboards and offering some barely-audible back up vocals. We're assuming that the song, an 8 minute, slow-burning, pining jam session, isn't indicative of Neon Indian's forthcoming record, which we gave you a taste of a few weeks ago.

What's really impressive, though, is Palomo's ability to successfully collaborate on such a diverse range of styles, especially given that Neon Indian's music can only be categorized in such a niche genre. Hit the jump to see the entire video, with a tip of the hat to Pitchfork.

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