Watch: Neon Indian Says Goodbye To Denton, Finally Owns Up To Its Roots At Saturday's Spune 2K10 Winter Dance Party

Well, despite a slow turnout early on in the evening, Saturday's Spune 2K10 Winter Dance Party featuring Neon Indian, Ishi, and a slew of others turned out to be exactly the massive soirée that many predicted it would be. If you weren't there, well, then you missed out on a truly exceptional showcase of local electro-dance acts, from the uber-experimental to the downright ass-shakeable.

And you're in the minority: Here at DC9, we haven't heard an official head count, but according to Hailey's employees, the last time the venue drew that big of an audience was at the Crystals Castles/HEALTH show back in 2008. In fact, the crowd Neon Indian (who along with Ishi packed Granada Theater back in December) has left us here at the office brainstorming where NX35 plans to stage the band when it plays the upcoming festival.

Indeed, if nothing else, this over-capacity crowd proved that Neon Indian has become an area force to be reckon with. And, in perhaps the most memorable moment of the night, frontman Alan Palomo finally owned-up to the band's Denton roots. In interviews, while Palomo has never shied away from mentioning Denton--often refering to it as his "stomping grounds"--he has maintained his band's guise as an apparently Austin and/or Brooklyn-based project. At this show, though--his band's last before he and a few of his bandmates moved to Brooklyn (which happened just yesterday, actually)--he finally called the act local to Denton. See it for yourself in the above video, shot by the folks at NX35.

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Daniel Rodrigue
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