Watch: Party Boyz -- "Flex"

The latest greatest song from the D-Town Boogie movement? You're looking at it, folks. Listeners of K104 or 97.9 The Beat will no doubt recognize the song immediately, as its played with regularity on both stations. And now the men behind "Flex," the Party Boyz, have a flashy Dr. Teeth-directed clip to match its song. And, yup, it's another dance song, which, as Houston-based DJ Mr. Rogers explains at the the video's start, is indeed "real easy to do."

So too, it seems, is creating the song's beat: "Flex" certainly appears to be built around a synth sample lifted from another Boogie track, Lil Wil's late 2008/early 2009 hit, "Bust It Open." Feel free to compare and contrast the two--the video for "Bust It Open" is posted after the jump.

Problem is, well, "Flex" is yet another dance song. And, in some ways, that's what could be holding the Dallas hip-hop scene back. That's a topic I tried to cover in depth in this week's dead tree edition of DC9 with a story that re-visits the D-Town Boogie's rise and the new pressures that local hip-hop artists are feeling what with the NBA All-Star Game in town this weekend. So, keep an eye out for that--and keep checking back here as the weekend approaches, as I'll have extended Q&A's from a number of the interviews conducted for that story posted here on DC9 in the coming days.

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