Watch: Spector 45 -- "Emulate"

Ran into Spector 45's Frankie 45 at his "day job" tending bar at the Amsterdam in Exposition Park over the weekend and was promised that, come Monday, there'd be a little present for DC9 readers in the ol' inbox. Sure enough, here it is: The band's first music video, far as I can tell--and for an unreleased song called "Emulate." It's a pretty slick affair, too, nicely shot by director Scott McMurry. Check it out.

In other Spector news, at its annual awards ceremony on Saturday night, the derby girls of Assassination City honored the band, bestowing it with the title of "Best Live Act," as a thanks for the band's halftime performance at the team's September 19, 2009, roller derby competition. Congrats, fellas. Maybe next time, the girls won't beat you up after your show...?


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