Watch: St. Vincent and David Byrne -- "Breathing"

On Friday night, St Vincent headlined a rather highbrow affair in The Allen Room of New York's Lincoln Center, providing a scenic fifth-floor view of Manhattan's Columbus Circle as a backdrop for Annie Clark and her band--as well as a few very exciting special guests.

How exciting? Well, yesterday, Pitchfork saw fit to post a news item (many thanks) about the show. Better yet, they included in that post three videos from the night--including the above clip of Clark and Co. performing with the legendary David Byrne.

The song, called "Breathing," is said to be a new one that Byrne and Clark have been working on together, though it's not the St. Vincent track slotted to appear on Byrne's upcoming Here Lies Love. Hopefully, when the track is released, the pair's vocal will be better balanced, though, because in this live version Byrne's unmistakable voice often overshadows Clark's.

Not so with the other guests, though, as Bryce Dessner of The National and Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon both accompanied the band for a haunting rendition of "Rosyln" (aka that Twilight song). It's a great damn song that deserves a listen, even if it is on that soundtrack.

Anyway, check out Clark and Byrne above. For more clips from the night, Pitchfork's the place.

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