Watch: The Fader Buys Neon Indian A Round At Barcadia

Yesterday, the folks at The Fader posted the above clip to Youtube, showing the young gents and newly added lady in Neon Indian performing at the bar at Barcadia for a new video feature the magazine is calling "At The Bar With Southern Comfort." Consider this performance a far cry from the band's usual live show--and anything the band's released to date, too. Instead, this showcases the band performing an old Mexican folk tune, "Mi Viejo," and doing so acoustically, go figure. Not a hundred percent sure how I feel about it yet, to be honest--although it does show a side to Alan Palomo that few have seen.

Also, for what it's worth, I agree with Alan's qip at the end of the clip: Barcadia's Street Fighter II arcade game is completely not fair.

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