Watch: The Luu Brothers Give Cults' "You Know What I Mean" The Music Video Treatment

Phil Spector revivalists Cults aren't from Dallas -- they call New York home, of course -- but they do have a significant local tie courtesy of Gorilla vs. Bear, the influential, Dallas-based blog: Chris Cantalini championed the band from the jump, then released the band's ridiculously endearing "Go Outside" as its first-ever release on its boutique Forest Family Records label.

So, OK, it's a loose tie. Still, a tie nonetheless.

And that makes this new tie all the more interesting: After a recent successful fundraising campaign on indiegogo, Dallas directing tandem The Luu Brothers, who've established themselves as some of the top music video dogs in the area in recent years, have released an impressive music video for the band's "You Know What I Mean" song.

It's a "fan-made" clip, technically, since it wasn't made at the artists' request, but there's very little that amateurish about the Luus' attempt, which pairs the song with something of a heart-breaking boy-meets-girl romance story.

The band approves -- they say it's "sweet." We do, too. Kind of tough not to, actually. See what we mean after the jump.

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Pete Freedman
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