Watch: Video Director Captures True Widow Frontman Preparing His Waxahachie Art Show

If there's one record coming out in 2011 that we already might be in danger of over-hyping, it's True Widow's upcoming sophomore effort, which, yes, will be released by Kemado Records in March after all. And though March is still some time away, the band's currently hard at work, prepping that disc's promotional material.

That's why, if you've seen any of the band's three members in recent weeks, you've also seen a fourth person in tow. That'd be Mats Ek, the Swedish videographer responsible for the band's phenomenal January-released video for its song "A.K.A.," off its 2008, self-titled debut. Ek is in town to shoot the band's next video, for a song off its upcoming album. And, unlike the last cut he provided, the band will indeed be present in this one, which he's taken a whole month to prepare and shoot.

You can bet we'll pass along that clip once it's ready, but, in the meantime, Ek's provided frontman Dan Phillips with another pretty clip to be passed around. This one focuses on Phillips' day work as a carpenter and wood furniture artist -- for which he currently has an ongoing art show taking place at Waxahachie's Webb Gallery. The clip finds Phillips in his studio, crafting some pieces for the exhibit that opened last weekend, and, as a bonus, features a soundtrack provided by Phillips' banjo-playing father.

Until we see Ek's music video, it makes for a nice teaser -- and a fine ad for Phillips' show to boot. Check it out after the jump.

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Pete Freedman
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