Wayne Coyne Hand-Delivers Gummy Skulls to Good Records, Gives Free Record to Fans

As we reported yesterday, Wayne Coyne made a last-minute appearance at Good Records at 2 p.m. to hand deliver a few copies of The Flaming Lips' newest release -- four songs on USB drives located on the inside of a life-sized human Gummy Skull.

Very, very strange stuff, indeed.

It wasn't even a month since the last time he was here hawking The Flaming Lips/Neon Indian collaboration, which was the first in a series of collaborations the band has planned for this year.

That time, he stayed at Good Records until after midnight hanging out with fans. This time, though, he wasn't greeted by quite as large a group of fans (maybe because it was in the afternoon and on a Thursday?), but he was just as friendly, taking time to chat with each individual there to see him.

He was so friendly, in fact, that he gave away a handful of vinyl test pressings of the forthcoming Flaming Lips collaboration with Prefuse 73.

"I was just just at A&R Records, which is about 15 minutes from here," said Coyne to a lucky record recipient. "And I was mastering this record. They ran off a few test copies, so as long as I have them here, I might as well give them away. It doesn't actually come out until next month."

We're not sure how that particular record sounds, as we were still in line after Coyne gave the last one away. But you can hear the four Gummy Skull tracks over at Some Kind Of Awesome.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.