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Denton rockers Brake! Vegas took some time with DC-9 to answer some earth-shattering questions prior to their show tonight at The Door in Dallas. Why them? For me, it was the name alone. I just like saying it with that exclamation point. Not to mention they have some T-shirts with some snazzy logos. However, our Web Editor Chelsea is all about the band for its traditional, straightforward rock 'n' roll riffs. Either way, we like 'em.

Band members Kyle Juett and Justin Wilson gave us these insights to B!V as well as showing us who the yin and yang of the group are. They also say ‘ass’ a lot. What's the name about?

KJ: Well we can thank Adam Schultz (lead guitar) for that one. He’s no stranger to the Vegas, and never missed the opportunity to slam on the brakes and party the night away in Sin City.

Does the song title Mutatis Mutandis refer to a new species of mutant the X-Men should be concerned with?

KJ: Marvel Comics has been bugging us for a long-ass time now, I don't think they are looking for as much a new species that the X-Men can just walk all over in another one of their sequels, but more the "end of days" mutant sent to destroy all that is mutated.

JF: Mutatis Mutandis is Latin for "what needs to be changed has been changed," which refers to the songs narrator, who is stuck in a not-to-distant future and has realized the coming apocalypse has nothing to do with an imaginary, invisible, all-knowing super-intelligence, and everything to do with the world's insane jihad against each other for political and monetary gains.

How'd you land on Oliver Peck's Van's Warped Tour webisodes?

KJ: For the 13th Warped Tour last year, Oliver designed all of their promotional logos, laminates, posters etc. and was also given a shoe deal to design a couple pairs of shoes. When we heard he was looking for a kick ass rock 'n' roll soundtrack to go along with his “slipisodes” that would be aired on Vans.com, we were there with the tracks ready to rip it up. Oh, and Oliver also said he would completely cover every inch of our bodies from head to toe with tattoos. (Ed. Note: ummm…hot?)

JF: The Vans “slipsidoes” were the brainchild of Oliver Peck and me, and since I just joined this rad rock band, I decided to use our music as the soundtrack to Oliver’s escapades. These webisodes were completely our creations from start to finish, from filming to producing to editing. Yay us.

Who are your listeners?

KJ: Our listeners are really a wide variety of badasses ranging from our older classic rock fans who thirst for the solos, the rowdy, party headbangers who desire nothing but some good old-fashioned fist pumpin’, fast rock-n-roll, and of course the babes of all ages, creeds, and religions dig it too.

Per your song Even Through the Stints, what exactly is the ritual and the reason to split her skull?

KJ: Oh is that what it says? Skull-splittin' is pretty hard.

JF: The line "they enforce a ritual, a reason to split her skull" refers to neo-con conservatives who support institutions such as bohemian grove and fundamentalist Catholics who support their repressive regimes toward women.

Are your T-shirts American made?

KJ: We got Slim over at anchor screen printing to thank for all our shirts. He's a badass dude who knows how to party and does great work. Not sure where he imports his materials from. Maybe from the regions where the Mutatis Mutandis roam?

If I came to see your show at the Door, what should I expect to see?

KJ: Monstrous amps emitting high voltage super sonic rock, blistering solos accompanied by monster head bangs, possible bleeding of the ears, smokin’ babes and permanent meltage of the facial region. Clothing removal is not optional due to the intense heat of the high frequency sound waves. We also heard the party barge was in town and gonna be docked right outside, but on second thought we are playing a Christian venue so we might want to re-think our game plan.

Could you give us three things about the band that make you rock rebels?

KJ: We don't consider ourselves rebels in the lifestyles that we lead. We label ourselves as being a rock 'n' roll band and that pretty much speaks for itself. We all have a story to tell that has gotten us to the period in our lives we are at today. We write and play shit our way, were cut and dry, and we don't take ‘no’ for an answer. There is no one or nothing that can stop us from getting what we want. A rock 'n' roll band is more than just the music its the attitude, and up until this generation it was a lifestyle. I guess you could call us rebels for wanting to bring all of that back.

And then three things that really make you sweet guys...

KJ: Sweet? Nice guys don't play rock 'n' roll.

Brake! Vegas plays 7 p.m. tonight at The Door in Dallas with Victory Calls, Kessler, Me vs. the Sea, Oh the Irony and One Step Beyond. $10 gets you in. -- Rich Lopez

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