Weekend (Close Enough) Roundup: Rusko at Lizard Lounge and A Little Request From Savage and the Big Beat

There were plenty of shows this weekend, even with it being a holiday and all. But, for whatever reason, I can't find any videos from this weekend's shows on the Internet.

What? No one else got the Flip camera they were hoping for? Oh well, me neither. Alas, here are some other videos that might pique your interest on this sluggish, back-to-work Monday...

Rusko at Lizard Lounge on Friday, December 18, 2009:
I hardly make a habit out of going to Lizard Lounge, but, man, sometimes, that place is just ridiculously awesome. And I say that with no sarcasm whatsoever. Honest. Check this out: I can barely tell what's happening in this just-posted clip of dubstep favorite Rusko running the DJ booth at the venue last Friday, but I still feel like I missed out. This looks insane.

Savage and The Big Beat make a plea for you to join their Jurassic Park: The Musical cause:
Can't say I know too too much about Denton's Savage and The Big Beat, except that it's piano-driven two-man indie rock outfit makes for a pretty fun listen and this video that the band put out for its song "A Love Most Horrid" shows that the band has a sense of humor. More proof on that front: The band is apparently working on Jurassic Park musical--hence this below video, which implores you to join in on the band's cause there.

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