Weekend Roundup: Josh Hoge, Maroon 5, Counting Crows

Not many videos kicking around the Internet this morning--or, rather, not of the shows that took place around the region this weekend. Still, there are a few...

Kate Voegele, for instance, was at the Loft with Josh Hoge last night. Sadly, no vids of her performing yet, nut, here’s Hoge performing his single “360” from the show. After looking here, we just realized that his CD drops tomorrow. Yay?

Maroon 5 was at the Superpages.com Center Saturday night. Watch this lovely video of the hit “This Love.” Or maybe we should say “listen” to the video, as there isn’t really much to see. We especially love the part where the chick seems to forget she’s recording and starts singing. Really, we do.

..and while “Mr. Jones” debuted 15 years ago, it pretty much still rocks. And the Counting Crows delighted the crowd with an acoustic version of it at the Superpages.com Center show with Maroon 5 on Saturday night. The video could use a little help, but hey, it’s all about the music right? RIGHT?

…and that was your pretty lame weekend. --Courtney Clenney

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Pete Freedman
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