Weekend Roundup: Peaches, Rascal Flatts, Quest Crew, And A New Dallas Dance Craze?

Per our Monday tradition, a few clips of some shows you may have missed this weekend...

Peaches on Friday, June 12, at the Granada Theater
Raunchy dance icon Peaches rolled through town on Friday night--and it was quit the show, says reviewer Catherine Downes. Need more proof? Check this nice, clean video of Peaches performing "Talk to Me" amid androgynous, "Lady Maralade"-era Christina Aguilera-esque backing dancers...

Rascal Flatts on Saturday, June 13, at Superpages.com Center
Even for that ill-fated three-month span in college when I really tried to give modern country a chance, I still never quite understood Rascal Flatts' draw. Someone please tell me what there is to like about the most generic modern country songs ever? Especially when they're performed by--at best--The Backstreet Boys of country? Because this performance of "Stand" ain't doing a thing for me...

Quest Crew on Saturday, June 13, at the Palladium Ballroom
The winners of the most recent season of MTV's America's Best Dance Crew rolled through town this weekend to promote the competitive dance scene (I guess?), but ended up performing The Dougie at one point--which is kinda cool, I guess, but also kinda like what happens when a band inserts the word "Dallas" into a song to get the hometown crowds on their side, right? I guess I'm just saying it's a little... transparent? Either way, here's the clip of them Dougie-ing...

Speaking of Dallas dance crazes...
Not sure when this was shot exactly, but it was apparently posted to Youtube this weekend. Regardless, that's not the point. The point is that this video was all over Twitter this weekend, with people tweeting about how this is the wrong way for the D-Town Boogie to be headed. Tough to disagree there--the song kinda blows and the dance is just plain ridiculous. Leave the Boogie dance tracks to the ones whose songs are at least a little catchy and not just annoying as hell, OK? Thanks, 'cause this just sounds lazy...

...and that was kinda your weekend.

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