Weekend Roundup: Pikahsso, The House Harkonnen and Andrew Tinker

Pikahsso on Saturday, December 19, at The Green Elephant:
Well, it's official: Pikahsso, of Awkquarius and formerly of PPT, has gone and lost his mind. He even says as much in the below clip of him freestyling at an Awkquarius show from Saturday night. I'll give him this much, though: Free-styling with your mouth closed? Can't say I've ever seen that one before...

The House Harkonnen on Saturday, December 19, at Andy's Bar in Denton:
The House Harkonnen really doesn't get enough credit. The Arlington quartet's on-stage presence is pretty much the definition of swagger. It all makes for an entertaining show, much like, I imagine, this Saturday night one from the band at Andy's in Denton, filmed by the band's Denton-based label, Do For It Records:

Andrew Tinker on Thursday, December 10, at The Boiler Room in Denton:
Speaking of Denton: This clip's a little old, but it's still a fun one. Filmed two weeks back during a show at The Boiler Room in Denton, the clip features area pop tart Andrew Tinker performing "Bohemian Rhapsody" with a cast of friends. But forget the friends: How about that audience? People just seem to adore this guy, huh? Not exactly modest of Tinker to post this clip to Youtube as "Best Cover Ever!" though...

...and that was your weekend. And then some, actually.

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