Weekend Roundup: The Ting Tings, NKOTB, Everlast, More...

Once upon a time, a long time ago -- OK, Friday actually, but it feels like it was a long while back -- we were waiting for the weekend to begin. Oh, the music we were going to see, the things we were going to do. Well it’s Monday now and unless anyone had enough margaritas to make a tattoo seem like a good idea, there are only the YouTube postings to remember the weekend by. And not many of them at that. But, not living in a fairy tale, let’s all take what we can get and let the memories ease us into Monday.

So here they are.

The Ting Tings, Friday October 17, at the House of Blues The English indie pop duo the Ting Tings came through Dallas this weekend (check out our Aural Ambush preview here) and even in these brief forty eight seconds of video, you can tell it was a darn good show. How good, you ask? Well, good enough that whoever shot the video made a point to mention that they weren’t going to waste precious concert time behind a camera when they could be seeing the show. This all seems very sensible until you get to the end of the video, but the song’s still going.

More shows after the jump...

Everlast, Friday October 17, at the Loft You might not know what it’s like to sing the blues, but everybody has been stuck behind some drunken person at a concert. Well maybe they weren’t drunk, just excited about the show, but the end result was that no matter which way you shifted, they shifted that way too. It’s really annoying when you’re taking video. So we can all sympathize with Everlast’s amateur video guy.

Or maybe not.

You judge. Are the drunk people really annoying?

The Lordz, Friday October 17, at the Loft The Lordz were also doing their thing at the Loft on Friday. Hailing from Brooklyn, Everlast’s frequent collaborators are having a nice time up there. The video guy is having it easy too -- no drunk people in the line of camera yet.

Natasha Bedingfield, Sunday October 19, at the American Airlines Center So here’s the British singer in Dallas. Well, sort of. It’s nine seconds of her via cell phone recorder. Ain’t technology grand?

New Kids on the Block, Sunday, October 19, at the American Airlines Center When I was eight years old I didn’t go with the popular choice. All my friends loved Joey. I had the Donny Wahlberg t-shirt, the poster and the doll -- until my dog ate it. While all the other little girls were screaming about Joey at the sold-out concert, I stood on my chair and clapped for Donny. Good times, and this video brings them back a little. I’m no longer eight, but in this video they look pretty much the same. It is far away though -- about as close as those seats I had way back when -- so you be the judge. Are they still hanging tough?

They may be older, wiser, more botoxed. But they can still do choreographed dance moves. I wonder what happened to that Donny Wahlberg t-shirt?

There were some good shows this weekend but the video people didn’t seem to have their priorities straight. But that was a sampling of the once and future weekend. Long may it reign. --Dianna Wray

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