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Weighing Those Halloween Music Options...

Looking for some authentically scary music to catch after all the candy is past out? We at DC-9 feel it’s our duty to guide you through the creepy streets this Friday. We already mentioned a couple in the paper this week, but here are some more cool Halloween shows that will actually feature music with a frightening flair...

Ghoultown at Reno’s Chop Shop What could better than navigating the lanes of Deep Ellum and catching Dallas’ premier horror rock band Ghoultown? Certainly, frontman Lyle Steadham--I mean, Count Lyle--will have something special planned for a show on Hallows Eve. Hell, the fact that Ghoultown just collaborated with Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, is recommendation enough to catch the band this time around.

Cocky Americans at The Cavern Nothing really scary about this local combo, except that the band’s website describes the sound as “dynamic, jangly, guitar-driven, indie rock 'n' roll.” Pretty good name, though. And good music, to boot.

THe BAcksliders at City Tavern GReat BAnd at a REally COol VEnue. Just typing that is scary!

Spector 45 at Billiard Bar Deep Ellum's favorite punkabilly act makes the trek to Lower Greenville for this free show. The scary thought here: That people on Lower Greenville might actually pay attention to the music.

And finally... Christian Music Night at the Pigeon Hole Never been to this particular (and oddly named) venue in Irving, but anytime you mix religion and Halloween, good things aren’t going to happen. Same logic goes with churches calling Halloween Carnivals “Fall Festivals”. C'mon, let the kids get dressed up and beg for candy. Nothing demonic about consumer capitalism running amuck in the guise of Dora the Explorer and Pikachu. But for those needed a respite from the heebie jeebies, this show might provide a bit of solace. --Darryl Smyers

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