What Local Musicians Do When Not Making Music: Submit Ads To Doritos Super Bowl Competitions, Apparently.

Here's a fun item to end the day on: You can thank a cast of local musicians for the above submission to this year's Doritos Crash The Super Bowl competition.
The clip was directed by History at Our Disposal frontman Jason Reimer and stars Dove Hunter's Jayson Wortham as the husband with a late-night sweet tooth. Meanwhile, Bridges & Blinking Lights frontman Jake Wilganowski served as the shoot's director of photography, while Peter Salisbury of Stumptone, History at Our Disposal and The Baptist Generals assisted in lighting the spot.

And since we're on the topic of Dove Hunter: On Friday night at Trees, the band performed one of its first shows as a three-piece (without guitarist Josh Daugherty) a move Wortham says is permanent.

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