While She Records Her Next LP, Stream Sarah Jaffe's New The Way Sound Leaves A Room EP

Right this very moment, as I type this, Sarah Jaffe and her band are over in Oak Cliff at John Congleton's Elmwood Recording Studio, working on recording their full-length follow-up to Jaffe's 2010 breakthrough, debut LP, Suburban Nature. Not sure when we can expect it -- early 2012 perhaps?

Regardless: It's coming. Eventually.

In the meantime, though, Jaffe's hold-over-her-hungry-audience EP/DVD, The Way Sounds Leaves a Room, will be released next Tuesday, September 27.

Turns out, though, you don't even have to wait that long to hear it.

It's streaming over on the Paste site. Check it out. Then come back and tell us how much you agree with us about how awesome Jaffe's Drake and The-Dream cover is.


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